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In The News

Bellport HS Artists Make an Impact Through Participation in the Memory Project

Bellport HS Artists Make an Impact Through Participation in the Memory Project  thumbnail165624

The Bellport High School art department believes that art has the power to change lives and impact others. With this in mind, 23 student-artists enrolled in Drawing & Painting II and members of the National Art Honor Society partnered with The Memory Project, a nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create portraits for youth around the globe who have faced substantial life challenges.

Through collaboration with The Memory Project, the students created portraits of a group of children living in Nigeria. The portraits will serve as a piece of personal heritage and history for the Nigerian art subjects, many of whom are orphaned and living in refugee camps.

In creating the colorful portraits, the students-artists utilized a range of media including graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, marker and paint to create unique pieces of art based on a digital photo they received. The finished portraits are being delivered to the Nigerian children and the students are looking forward to receiving a video of the Nigerian children when they see their portraits for the first time.

National Art Honor Society adviser and teacher Devin Auricchio said the students truly enjoyed painting the portraits. “They found it creatively challenging but also very meaningful to create artwork that could possibly impact the life of someone they have never met,” Ms. Auricchio said.

The art department would like to congratulate the following The Memory Project participants: Taliyah Barnes, Alexia Benjamin, Evan Bland, Trinity Brown, Kerri Campbell, Eva Colon, Alex Deiters, Elisha Feliz, Seraya Freeman, Anjalece Garcia, Mathew Guerrero, Haley Herrmann, Cameron Kerr-Smith, Jillian Kerr-Smith, Miranda Laney, Sanaa Lindsay, Silvia Noguez-Lopez, Giana Porter, Madelyn Reyes, Caitlin Saliba, Maria Slavnova, Dream Smith and Tyler Walsh.

Click here to watch the video

Celebrating Bellport HS’s School Counselors

Celebrating Bellport HS’s School Counselors  thumbnail165525
Bellport High School and the South Country Central School District celebrated National School Counseling Week during the week of Feb. 3-7. Sponsored by the American School Counselor Association, National School Counseling Week calls attention to the tremendous contributions school counselors make in assisting students to achieve their educational goals and to plan for their future careers.
During the week, counselors promoted Random Acts of Kindness. The counselors presented a video during grade-level assemblies to all high school students on the benefits of kindness. Students then created certificates to recognize an individual who demonstrated kindness to them and displayed the certificates in the school hallway for peers to see. 

Notable Author Cheryl Wills Shares a Heroic Family Tale

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In celebration of Black History Month, author, talk show host, motivational speaker and NY1 television journalist Cheryl Wills shared a triumphant story of emancipation with Bellport High School students during an assembly held in Ebersole Auditorium on February 27. Overflowing with lessons of perseverance and empowerment, Wills’ overall message was that each of the students have richness and power to do their best to succeed and change the world.

“Think about the courage of your family and move forward,” Wills said. 

Wills prefaced her story with feelings of despair as a teenager in Uniondale, New York who had lost her father to a motorcycle accident. She rose to the occasion when genealogical research revealed that her enslaved ancestors transitioned from slavery to freedom during the American Civil War. She told students the story of Sandy Wills, her great-great-great grandfather, who served in President Lincoln’s United States Colored Troops from 1863-1866.

“I learned that I have fighting power in my family,” Wills told the students. “Making the impossible possible is what Black History is about.” 

Wills encouraged the students to find out about their families’ roots, but to remember that they set their own definition of who they are as long as they live. 

At the end of the ceremony, Wills shared the books she had written, including “Die Free: A Heroic Family Tale” (2010), “The Emancipation of Grandpa Sandy Wills” (2016) and “Emma” (2020). However, students were most taken aback at a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation she shared and which was procured from a wealthy collector.      

Bellport HS Students are Brookhaven Black History Month Celebration Honorees

Bellport HS Students are Brookhaven Black History Month Celebration Honorees  thumbnail164716
The District is pleased to announce that seven Bellport High School students were honored during the Town of Brookhaven’s 29th annual Black History Month Celebration, held at Town Hall on Feb. 7. Sponsored by Brookhaven’s Black History Commission, students Kayzjah Charles, Shaliq Cochran, Isaiah James, Lisa Kuffour, Tamia Lawson, Alexandra Magro, Maya Samuel were recognized as high-achieving students.
Principal Tim Hogan said, “These students embody the high standards and expectations Bellport High School sets for all of its students and we encourage you to join us in celebrating their achievements.” 

Bellport HS presents ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Bellport HS presents ‘Beauty and the Beast’  thumbnail164482

Fans of Disney’s iconic romance “Beauty and the Beast” flocked to Ebersole Auditorium on February 7-8. Under Director Suzette Emma-Fandale and producer Barbara Gallagher, the 43-member cast entertained the audience with three performances, including a Saturday afternoon character brunch hosted by the production’s characters on February 8.
Autumn Margaret Walthers played the female lead as Belle, with Michael Marziliano as the Beast. Aidan Gaynor narrated the production, while Jack Frankie (Maurice), Kevin Munson (Gaston) and Joey Salerno (LeFou) played the supporting male roles. Silly Girls Maya Krulder, Rachael La Grega and Cassidy Solina provided comic relief throughout the play as they swooned over Gaston in hopes of gaining his attention. Unforgettable were the roles of Lumiere (Jack Burkhardt), Cogsworth (Troy Sica), Mrs. Potts (Emma Butler), Babette (Keira Ballan), Madame de la Grande Bouche (Kennedy Parris), Chip (Carley Simms), Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress (Alexa Ferrara) and Monsieur D’Arque (Aidan Gaynor).
In addition to stunning costumes and a show-stopping set, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the production’s most popular tunes from the original Broadway production and movie including “Be Our Guest,” “Tale as Old as Time,” and “Gaston.” A special thank you was extended to choreographer Stephanie Verticcio, vocal director Henry Finnegan and pit conductor James Uzzi whose efforts made the show a success.
In a statement included in the program, Ms. Fandale and Mr. Uzzi said, “The theater program at Bellport High School has been built over the past 25 years with the commitment, devotion, respect and love from our team. We have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside a group of amazingly talented professionals who hold the highest expectations for themselves and our students. With success as the only option, we have together created and presented truly amazing productions for our community.”

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