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Central Registration

The South Country Central School District utilizes a centralized registration process.  The office is located at the Administration Building of the District,189 Dunton Ave, E. Patchogue, NY. 


Registration Information 

During this time of COVID we are providing the following ways to register your child:

  • Print out a registration packet from our website.  If you are unable to print out a packet, you can pick one up at District Office.  They are available in the outer vestibule of the office.  After filling out the packet you may either drop off, or scan and attach the completed packet with copies of the documents listed below:

    1. Child’s Birth Certificate
    2. Child’s Immunization Record
    3. Your three proofs of residency. (Information on what is considered residency proof can be found on the cover of the registration packet as well as listed below)

If you are scanning the documents please scan them as a PDF attachment and email them to:

Online Registration 

For parents who have NO children attending our schools please click      : and click on the "Online Registration" Button

For parents who have students already registered and have Parent Portal Accounts, you can log in to your account and click on the "Register New Student Button".

Pre-K and Kindergarten 

Pre-K Eligibility: To be eligible for Pre-K, students must reside within the geographic boundaries of our school district and must be four (4) years old on or before December 1 of the school year during which the child commences the program.

Kindergarten Eligibility: To be eligible for Kindergarten, students must reside within the geographic boundaries of our school district and must turn five (5) years of age on or before December 1st of the school year during which the child commences the program. 

Items Needed for Registration

Please be sure to bring your completed registration packet, along with the necessary documents (3 proofs of residency, birth certificate, immunizations, physicals, photo ID and other documents as necessary).  Registration cannot be completed without the required documents.  Please call (631) 730-1617 with any questions.  

Please bring the following information at the time of registration:




If you reside in your own home:

Utility Bill

Deed of Ownership of Premises

Cable Statement

House Insurance Statement

Fuel Delivery Statement

Mortgage Statement

Bank Statement or Check

Suffolk County/Town of Brookhaven Tax Statements

Voter Registration Card

 If you are renting or leasing:

Current Driver’s License

Lease or Rental Agreement

Dept of Social Services Documentation

Notarized Residency Affidavit

Change of Address Confirmation Notice from US Postal Service

Important information regarding proof of residency:

All secondary proof of residency must be original documents, bear your name and indicate your South Country  address.
All Affidavit forms must be notarized.
Your child will not be enrolled until the South Country Central School District receives and verifies the documents listed above. 


    -A birth certificate with a raised seal must be provided for Pre-K and
      Kindergarten entrants
    -A photocopied birth certificate is acceptable for entrants in grades 1-12


    -Certificate of immunization signed by a physician or by a representative of an official health clinic OR
    -School health record signed by official
    -Must be dated within the past year
    -Signed by a physician

 **If your child has a severe allergy or health alert please contact the school nurse. Any forms that need to be completed by your pediatrician must be submitted by the first day of school or at time of registration to ensure your child receives proper care and treatment** Additional information is available on our district website under Health Services.


 Please provide the following based on grade level:
    -K-3: Most Recent Report Card
    -4-5: State Test Scores & Most Recent Report Card
    -6-8: Most Recent Report Card & Class Schedule
    -9-12: Unofficial Transcript, Class Schedule & Most Recent Report Card


    -Foster Parents: placement order from Department of Social Services
    -Guardianship: court documentation or notarized Affidavit Form

SPECIAL EDUCATION (if applicable)

    -Special Education Packet
    -Please provide a copy of the child’s current Individualized Education Program (IEP)

 Central Registration Office
Administration Building
189 Dunton Ave, East Patchogue, NY 11772


Registration Flyers


Registration Packets


Registration Forms

    District Health Forms

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Program Information



Contact Information

Phone:  631-730-1617
FAX:  631-286-4436


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