Kreamer Street Library

A Great Place to Learn!


Procedures of the Kreamer Street Elementary School Library

Borrowing Rules

1. A one-week loan period is allowed for all fiction and non-fiction books.

2. Books may be renewed for an additional 3 weeks.

3. Students are expected to return all materials on or before the due date.

4. Full replacement cost for lost or damaged books is charged.

5. Further checkout of additional books cannot be made until books are returned or paid for.

Pedir Prestadas Reglas

1. Los libros se pueden pedir prestados para una semana.

2. Los libros se pueden renovar tres veces.

3. Los estudiantes necesitan volver los libros la fecha debida.

4. Un honorario es libros perdidos o dañados cargados del gotr.

5. Otro libro no puede ser pedido prestado a menos que se devuelva el libro anterior.


Students are expected to behave according to South Country Central School District Code of Conduct.

Library Staff

Ms. Belford, Library Media Specialist


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