Reflection Room

The Bellport Middle School (BMS) Reflection Room offers an opportunity for students to reflect upon challenging situations, thoughts, and feelings away from the immediate classroom environment. Its purpose is to empower students to recognize and regulate their internal emotional states in a healthy, productive way, which is a skillset that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. Visiting the BMS Reflection Room provides students with an acceptable amount of time, space, and resources to gain a fresh perspective conducive for effectively planning for school success. It is designed to be a relaxing space suitable for students with both internalizing and externalizing coping tendencies. Student Support Counselor, Mrs. Faith Thompson-Lee, oversees this school resource.

Students can be referred to the BMS Reflection Room by any faculty member, as well as any administrator, using the online referral form that can be accessed through their personal SCCSD Google accounts. For direct access to the Reflection Room, students should:

1) Have a pass from their teacher OR
2) Be escorted by any adult OR
3) Have an appointment


Photo of Mrs. Thompson-Lee

Mrs. Thompson-Lee