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Third Grade Community Service Projects

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As part of our Character Education program, all of the 3rd graders in Mrs. Giustino, Mrs. DeRosa, Mrs. Cannone, Mr. Pettit, and Mrs. Satterley classes participated in a variety of community service projects for the holidays. One of the projects included making friendship bracelets to
send to children in Uganda, Africa. We also collected donations of "Gently Used" paperback books to send along with the bracelets and $1 from each child to help with shipping.

These donations support "Ja Ja Kids" an organization created by 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Siegmund's sister, Diane Reiner. Her group sponsors a
house for 'street' kids in Uganda, and volunteers there annually. Their work provides the rent and supplies for the house, bed nets, creating
and stocking a library in the house, food, tuition and supplies for school, as well as many other basic needs.

We were fortunate to have Diane visit with the 3rd grade to explain her work and show photographs from Uganda. It was fulfilling for them to see
where their donations were going. In addition, the children were amazed at the different quality of life, as well as the environmental differences between here and Uganda.

This program provided enriching experiences for our children. By giving back to other children around the world, we hope that each child can
learn the importance of being thankful for what we have - no matter how much or how little - and to be responsible citizens who think of others.
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