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Autumn Obstacle Course In Physical Education Classes at Brookhaven Elementary

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The autumn obstacle course provides the students with an opportunity to practice gross motor skills with a seasonal twist! The students must navigate through Bolder Alley, glide through the laser tunnel, hurdle the haystacks, vault over the Magic Mountain and skeleton roll like a bag O’ bones. They then enter the Villainous Volcano and trek through the lava with their special lava shoes. They will brave the Green Goblin Cave as they creep through the course. The students will then tumble down Cheese Hill and negotiate the rings of fire! They then balance as they tread cautiously over the Snake Pit, cruise down Beaver Lane and strut down the sidewalk. Next they sneak through the Spooky Spider Webs, traverse Beaver Bluff over the shark infested waters and finally they mosey on down through the Fun House.

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