ENL Program Opens Minds and Illuminates the Future

ENL Program Opens Minds and Illuminates the Future photo thumbnail135486

In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), English as a New Language students enrolled in Bellport High School’s Living Environment class took time to consider whether to pursue a career in science and engineering. Under the direction of science teacher Aimee Iuliucci, high school librarian Colleen Oates-Robesch and ENL teacher Matthew Herrschaft, students learned about Hispanic and Latino-born scientists and their contributions to the STEM field.
“We are working on helping these students set goals for themselves,” Ms. Oates-Robesch said. “The goal here is to help the students open their minds and illuminate their futures.” 
The students initially discussed the profiles of scientists, dispersed among the library tables, and noted their interesting contributions to the field. They also watched videos of several scientist interviews. Scientist profiles included astronaut Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Mario Molina and the American Public Health Association’s first Latina president Dr. Helen Rodriguez-Trias.  
The students then engaged in a STEM challenge in which they built a tall structure using only straws and connectors. South Country Director of ELL, Bilingual and World Language Programs Monica Pullows-Tetuan was also on hand for interpretation needs.