Bellport HS Presents ‘Rent’

Bellport HS Presents ‘Rent’ photo thumbnail110816

A talented cast and crew drew full houses during performances of Jonathan Larson’s “Rent,” held in the Bellport High School Ebersole Auditorium on Feb. 8-9.

Under the direction of Suzette Fandale, producer Barbara Gallagher and choreographer Stephanie Vertichio, the 39-member cast and company entertained the audience with this memorable rendition of the 1990s musical about a group of starving New York artists who struggle with their careers, love lives and the community effects of the AIDS epidemic while trying to survive in Manhattan’s East Village. 

Shaun Laurinaitis played the role of aspiring filmmaker Mark, while Tyler Zapata played HIV-positive musician Roger, both of whom scramble to make rent to their former roommate and landlord Benjamin, played by Mike Marziliano. In the meantime, friend and professor Tom (Henry Chillogallo) is attracted to Angel (James MacGilvray), who is dying from AIDS. The success of the production was not only due to the professional-quality of the student-actors but by the 22-member crew, Angelique Graziano’s talents with hair and makeup, vocal director and accompanist Henry Finnegan and the pit orchestra, under the baton of Jim Uzzi. The masterful set design and construction were also the workings of Ms. Fandale, Ms. Gallagher and Mr. Uzzi.

The South Country Central School District congratulates the student-thespians on their outstanding performances.