Welcoming the Class of 2024

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The Bellport High School Class of 2024 received an introduction to the various aspects of high school life during a virtual orientation, held on August 18. The 17-minute recorded video introduced incoming freshmen to administrators and faculty and briefed students on sports and extracurricular opportunities, guidance goals, student government and ways to prepare for a school year like no other.

During his introductory remarks, Principal Timothy Hogan noted that faculty and staff have worked hard over the summer to ensure a positive experience during a school year that will bring a whole set of new challenges for students and staff.

“This will be a year that requires our collective patience, cooperation and understanding as we work together to ensure a positive first year for all of you at Bellport High School,” Mr. Hogan said.

Freshman adviser Rob Galasso noted that the freshmen will have an amazing four years with memories that will last a lifetime. “Coronavirus, social distancing and face masks are not going to get in our way,” Mr. Galasso said.

Other speakers included ninth grade Assistant Principal Erika Della Rosa, Director of Health, Athletics and Physical Education Robert McIntyre, Director of Guidance and Counseling Program Jenna Restivo, Freshman Adviser Amy Krawczyk, Compass Unity Representatives Lynette Murphy and Lacey Donlon and Student Council Adviser Ellen Hoffman.

Student Council President Jack Frankie encouraged freshmen to become involved in extracurricular activities, especially student council. “Now is the best time to come together and unite as one for a common goal to help your school and community,” Frankie said.

The virtual orientation was followed by a Google Meet session on August 21 so students and parents could ask administrators and faculty pertinent questions about the reopening process. School officially begins on September 8 and plans for reopening can be viewed on the District website.