Bellport Middle School Tri-M Inducts 75

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Bellport Middle School’s music department inducted 75 seventh and eighth grade student-musicians into the prestigious Tri-M Music Honor Society during a virtually held celebration. Adviser Victoria Hartman described the inductees as “leaders in the music department” and the “best of the best that middle school has to offer.”

“The music teachers miss making music with you every day,” Ms. Hartman said, “and can’t wait to see you in the classroom this fall.”

Principal Dr. Jamal Colson noted that the students’ success has been a collaborative effort and that “success doesn’t happen alone.” He also explained that the honor society induction fulfills the “achievement” in the school’s three tenets of “Attendance, Attitude and Achievement.”

Eighth grade officers Loisa Gordon (president), Evan Dedis (vice president), Rachel Petri (secretary and adviser’s assistant) and Michael Nesi (treasurer) then explained that the pillars of the Tri-M Music Honor Society are scholarship, character, leadership and service. They also noted that being a Tri-M Music Honor Society member increases opportunities for music students to serve their school and assist students who want to better serve the music department.

Each of the inductees’ photos were then flashed onto the screen commemorating their involvement in orchestra, band and chorus and listing their instruments. The video can be viewed by clicking the following link:
The district congratulates the following students on this outstanding academic achievement:

Grade 7: Alexa Allan – Band (alto sax); Katherine Alayon – orchestra (violin); Brynne Ballan – chorus (soprano); Angely Banegas – orchestra (violin); Sade Carpenter-Schatzman – orchestra (violin); Christopher Chaves – band (trumpet); Nolan Comerford – band (tenor sax); Rosario Curcio – band (French horn); Maya Dixit – band (French horn); Kenya Escobar – orchestra (cello); Sean Glynn – band (Bb clarinet); Malena Gomez – band (flute); Kevin Gonzalez – orchestra (viola); Connor Gronenthal – band (trumpet); Molly Hough – orchestra (violin); Melina Kasten – orchestra (violin); Danika Leidig – band (Bb clarinet); Anay Maldonado – orchestra (violin); Catherine Masem – band (flute); Sarah Meininger – band (Bb clarinet); Derek Minden – band (trumpet); Macy Neider – orchestra (violin); Riley Neider – band (flute); Tahir Palmer – orchestra (string bass); Natalie Grace Ponter – orchestra (violin); Brenna Porter – band (piccolo and flute); Kaitlyn Schuessler – band (percussion); Lila Schultz – orchestra (viola); Lily Seif – orchestra (cello); Ryan Seubert – orchestra (violin) and Diana Telese – chorus (alto).

Grade 8: Pietro Ancona Jr. – Band (trumpet); Maddy Budris – orchestra (violin); Claire Cannella – orchestra (violin); Shaniah Chavez – orchestra (viola); Kailyn Ciavatta – band (trumpet);
Juliette Cuccurese – orchestra (cello); Evan Dedis – band (alto sax); Samantha DeLillo – band (Bb clarinet and tenor sax); Karyn Devine – chorus (soprano); Nathan Ernst – band (percussion and bass guitar); Erin Fagan – orchestra (viola); Frankie Felice – band (French horn); Christopher Ford – band (French horn); Giulia Gannon – orchestra (violin); Louisa Gordon – orchestra (cello); Stephanie Grosso – orchestra (violin); Dylan Horn – band (percussion); Brynn Johnsen – band (French horn); Dylan Knakal – orchestra (viola); Julia Kotasek – orchestra (violin); Emma Kuegel – orchestra and band (violin and oboe); Lauren La Grega – orchestra (violin); Taylor Macioce – chorus (soprano); Diana Malchiodi – orchestra (cello); Ryan Manitta – band (trumpet);
Eirini Michaels Hrysanthopoulos – orchestra (viola); Gael Michel – orchestra (violin);
Connor Murphy – orchestra (cello); Alana Negron – orchestra (violin); Michael Nesi – band (percussion); Leah Ofori – orchestra (viola); Rachel Petri – orchestra (violin); Jake Polito – band (trombone); Bryelle Reid – orchestra (violin); Faith Rubio – orchestra (cello); Caden Rupolo – band (trumpet); Anthony Santana – chorus (tenor); Benjamin Santiago – band (tuba); Kaelyn Schmidt – chorus (soprano); Joseph Starpoli – band (percussion); Ella Steckle – orchestra (violin); Grant Taylor – orchestra (cello); James Vohrer – band (percussion) and Connor Wilson – band (percussion).