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Frank P. Long Students Take to the Stage

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At Frank P. Long Intermediate School, students not only are encouraged to be expressive, but have been showcasing their dramatic talents on the stage.

Students who are members of the Actor’s Studio, an enrichment club that met once a week throughout the school year, recently performed “When in Doubt, Laugh It Out.” Under the direction of Trish Gallina and Cami Ciervo, the montage of skits was much like a Saturday Night Live comedy for kids. The numbers resembled summer camp skits. Students started rehearsing in January and performed live for parents and peers in June. 

Fifth grade students in Patricia Kraker’s and Suzanne Olivotti-Dodge’s classes also held performances of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet” in the courtyard learning lab. Dressed in period costumes, the students presented a more modern and fun-filled version of the author’s tragedies as presented by Brendan P. Kelso’s series “Playing with Plays.” Not only did the students learn to appreciate Shakespeare’s works and language, they learned stage direction, elocution and performance skills.
Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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