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Brookhaven Elementary School - Stand Up Stand Out

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The students (K-3) enjoyed a musical program presented by Theater Three, Stand Up! Stand Out! The Bullying Project. The program is aimed at teaching children how to respond to bullying through famous children’s stories. The musical teaches students to take responsibility by standing up and helping others. In one story a character, Peg witnesses the bullying of Nellie and how she comes to terms with her responsibility. Peg, like so many bystanders, is faced with the choice of standing up for Nellie or standing by. The students learn the difference between telling and tattling. Telling is to get someone out of trouble and tattling is to get someone in trouble. In addition to dealing with the theme of bullying the program is also geared to teach young audiences about live theater. The program included both actors, puppets and song to stimulate the students’ imaginations! The program was provided through a grant supported by the South Country Education Foundation!
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