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Welcome All to the Greatest Art show on Earth!

Welcome All to the Greatest Art show on Earth! thumbnail173177
The pandemic did not spoil the opportunity for Frank P. Long Intermediate School students to showcase their artwork. Instead of an in-house show, students and their families were taken on an artistic and cultural journey around the world through viewing a creative, circus-themed video art show of the pieces created throughout the year.

Art teacher Mandy Hoffman said the theme reflects the idea that an art show, like a circus, celebrates and showcases a variety of skills. Ms. Hoffman’s goal this past year was to take the students on a proverbial trip around the globe as they researched and learned different art techniques, applying them to their own works. They discovered the flora and fauna of different countries and learned about China’s waving cats and dragon masks. In their study of India, the students learned about patterned elephants and Mehndi printed hands. Lions and landscapes were the subjects of Africa, while they created Manga portraits and Poke balls in their study of Japan. Students created personal artwork and participated in larger mural-sized group projects.

The art show can be viewed by logging onto

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