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Marking Important Career Milestones

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The district marked two important milestones for faculty retirement and tenure during the virtually held June 10 board of education meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the district was unable to hold its traditional reception, but instead announced and congratulated the recipients. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani also noted that the district is creating a virtual retirement presentation at a later date, because the retirement window had not closed at the time of the meeting.

Dr. Giani said about the retirees, “Each of our retirees came to South Country with the credentials, talent and the potential to be successful — and they have been. You have each done the job well during your time here and you have proven your ability to be effective. I thank each of you for your commitment and outstanding service to the district over the years.”

The faculty and staff retiring this school year include:

Karlyse Antonacci – Brookhaven Elementary – teaching assistant – 18 years
Christopher Baumann – Frank P. Long – physical education – 31 years
Susan Biscardi – Brookhaven Elementary – teaching assistant – 31 years
Loren Brennan, Brookhaven Elementary – special education – 28 years
Janet Cardinale – Verne Critz Elementary – elementary education – 32 years
Patricia Collier – Brookhaven Elementary – speech – 34 years
Suzette Emma-Fandale – art chairperson – 34 years
Patricia Fortunato – Bellport Middle School – office assistant – 31 years
Patricia Garofola – Bellport High School – office assistant – 16 years
Glenn Hadzima – Bellport High School – English – 36 years
Ramona Hadzima – Bellport High School – English 34 years
Debra Henriksen – Kreamer Street – teaching assistant – 20 years
Carole Hilty – South Haven – office assistant – 30 years
Renee Kiss – Frank P. Long – teaching assistant – 6 years
Marianne McCann – Kreamer Street and Bellport Middle School – Art – 20 years
Timothy Murphy – Bellport Middle School – custodial worker – 10 years
Gerard O’Hara – Bellport Middle School – elementary education – 32 years
Andrew Perea – Frank P. Long – music – 20 years
James Uzzi – music chairperson – 33 years
Teresa Vatalaro – Bellport Middle School – special education – 31 years

To the individuals receiving tenure, Dr. Giani explained that “the granting of tenure signifies the District’s decision to make a more permanent commitment toward your professional career here in South Country.”

Individuals receiving tenure include:

Kristen Acierno – Bellport High School – mathematics
Jacqueline Benenati – Frank P. Long – English as a New Language
Samantha Berkowitz – Bellport High School – health and physical education
Nicole Colao – Bellport High School – English as a Second Language
Dr. M. Jamal Colson – Bellport Middle School – principal
Lori Dougherty – Bellport High School – social studies
Kelsey Erwin – Bellport Middle School - reading
Stephanie Factor – Bellport High School – English as a Second Language
Amanda Finley – Bellport High School – mathematics
Elizabeth Granata – Bellport High School – teaching assistant
Joseph Hruby – Bellport High School - science
Patricia Kraker – Frank P. Long – special education
Carmen Marmol – Kreamer Street – English as a New Language
Meredith Milana-Osher – Brookhaven Elementary – English as a Second Language
Jacqueline Oliva – Bellport High School – special education
Stephanie Pirozzi – Bellport High School – reading
Loreen Ribaudo – Frank P. Long – special education
Lealand Richard – Bellport Middle School/Verne Critz – art
Shannon Rigney – Bellport Middle School – World Language
Daniel Rouse – Frank P. Long – music
Kelly Salmon – Frank P. Long – elementary education
Joseph Scioli – Bellport High School/Bellport Middle School – social studies
Erica Vitale – Verne Critz – speech
Cailey Williams – Bellport High School – science
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