Art Gallery Commendations

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The artistic talents of 51 individual student-artists and group work by Verne W. Critz Elementary School first graders were commended during the district’s second annual Art Gallery Reception, held on Oct. 23 at Central Office headquarters. The students’ artwork is part of an ongoing art gallery, which will be exhibited throughout the 2019-2020 school year. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani told parents and faculty in attendance that “This is a new tradition, and we are excited and pleased to walk down the hallway at Central Office and see this wonderful children’s artwork.”
Each student received a certificate, and refreshments provided by the art department were served.

The district congratulates the following students: Bellport High School: Roselida Albarran, Edwin Alfaro, Audrey Barry, Tatianna Davis, Josselyn Fuentes, Sarai Garcia, Courtney Gerard, Violet Gordon, Haley Herrmann, Abigail Horn, Tiara Jones Hanna Lupo, Robert Menendez, Jake Mulle, Yeak Kay Phong, Samantha Porsche, Madelyn Reyes, Sabrina Rodriguez, Caitlin Saliba, Dream Smith, Seryna Waldron-Walker and Jaelyn Zapata; Bellport Middle School: Karyn Devine, Louisa Gordon, Julia Kotasek, Scarlett Maldonado, Alana Negron, Leah Ofori, Megan Wilkinson, Katherine Yanza and Mirka Zapata; Frank P. Long Intermediate School: Jack Fauci and Joshua Terry; Kreamer Street Elementary: Adrianna Fudge, Mason Kern, Sophia Fuentes Rios and Adeline Wiley; Brookhaven Elementary: Isay Gonzalez Bonilla, Shianelle Dilan, Samantha Velasquez-Garcia, Jayden Giuseffi, Iniya Holland, Brody Kandler, Antonio Michielli and Ashly Angelina Muy; Verne W. Critz Elementary: Christopher Behnke, Lineth Rivas Gamero, Joseph Figueroa Oliva, Sofia Perez, Lola Provenzano, Dylan Sarmiento Quiroga and Group Work by First Grade Students.