Frank P. Long students are Conservation Capers

Frank P. Long students are Conservation Capers thumbnail135736
Energy conservation is on the minds of students at Frank P. Long Intermediate School who were treated to a live show, The Conservation Caper, about energy use and waste. Sponsored by PSEG Long Island and performed by the National Theatre for Children visiting from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the goal of the show was to teach students where energy comes from and bring awareness of the ways in which different sources of energy can be conserved at home and at school.

During The Conservation Caper, superhero and conservationist Nikki Neuron readied herself for a contest with Dr. Maybe, a villain who regularly wastes energy. With a host of colorful characters and student participation, Nikki internalized sufficient knowledge about energy conservation to beat Dr. Maybe. The colorful program’s dialogue focused on the definition of energy and its uses, how energy is wasted and ways to conserve precious energy resources.