Flamenco, Ole!

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In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), Brookhaven Elementary School students participated in a form of Hispanic culture practiced in homes throughout the world. During a return visit from the Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company, students received an up-front view of the popular and spicy art form of flamenco dance during a program named “Flamenco, Ole!”

The dance program was generously sponsored through a grant donated by the South Country Education Foundation and secured by teachers Jessica Weinberg and Michelle Procida, with assistance from English as a New Language teachers Meredith Milana and Sonia Orfin, and Dual Language Program teachers Natalie Baeza, Steven Davila and Tirsa Oliva. 

During her introduction to the program, Principal Dr. Rebecca Raymond told the students, “During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate Latino and Hispanic people and all the wonderful things they’ve done for our country.” 

Dancer Maria Loreta explained to the students that flamenco dance has three art forms: the singer who tells the story (el cante), the melody and playing of the guitar (el toque) and the dance describing how one feels (el baile). She also discussed the meaning behind the Spanish wording of the dance company’s name. The troupe then performed  the Welcome Dance, a happy dance and the Farruca with fast turns, quick and intense footwork and accompanied by a celebratory cape. The students were also delighted as they tried dancer Ricky’s fancy footwork and stomping.