Mobile Library Encourages Reading One Book at a Time

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The district’s mobile library has been sparking much excitement throughout the community this summer as members of the Bellport Teachers Association drove the brightly painted school bus throughout the district’s neighborhoods. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, BTA passengers have been searching out students interested in receiving a free book to read. Donations for the mobile library have come from the Book Fairies organization, the Brookhaven Free Library, the South Country Library and the community.

The mobile library made its debut during Bellport High School’s homecoming game last October and has been an important avenue in helping families with establishing their personal home libraries while increasing summer reading.

BTA representative Sarah Rauch said that the community has been both welcoming and enthusiastic about the mobile library, which is an additional avenue for placing books in the hands of children. “The kids are always enthusiastic,” Ms. Rauch said. “Our goal is to encourage summer reading and to start filling up the students’ homes with books. The younger the students are, the more books they need to be reading.”

The mobile library will continue visiting neighborhoods throughout the summer and will make appearances at district events during the 2019-2020 school year.