District Students Sharpen Reading and Math Skills

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District students in grades K-5 took advantage of the summer break to hone their reading, writing and math skills through attendance at the Summer Reading and Math Program. Held at Verne W. Critz Elementary School, this half-day, remedial program provided students with additional assistance in reading comprehension, sight word recognition, writing, math fluency, problem-solving and more.

“Not only did the students attending the program appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to sharpen these important academic skills,” Director of Elementary Education Amy Brennan said, “at the end of the program they felt confident and more prepared for the upcoming school year.”  
Kindergarten and first grade students received specialized reading intervention while students in grades 2-5 received readers workshop instruction, which was aligned with writing. The students spent their time working with fiction, which focused on a social justice theme. Through their reading and writing, students were instructed to look at the world around them and determine how they can solve a particular problem. This theme was translated in each students’ published book, shared during a celebration with parents and staff at the end of the three-week program. 

Ms. Brennan said the theme of social justice was complex, but meaningful. “The students were able to ask, ‘What impact do I have in the world,’” Ms. Brennan said.