District Students Experience ‘Sticker Shock’

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Prior to prom season and high school graduation this past June, Bellport High School students joined COMPASS Unity’s 2019 Project Sticker Shock campaign to raise awareness about underage and binge drinking and to keep students safe during these traditional rites of passage. 

With support from Family Service League’s prevention specialist Cierra Corbett, COMPASS Unity coordinator Lynette Murphy, local business owners and Suffolk County Police Department fifth precinct COPE officers, stickers were placed on alcoholic beverages with a strong message about underage drinking and a phone number for Cancel the Keg, a resource to notify law enforcement to report parties where underage drinking is suspected or expected to occur.

During the Project Sticker Shock campaign, students and volunteers helped to place stickers on various alcoholic beverages that appeal to teens and display cases. The bright yellow stickers contained the message: “Your teen has a plan for prom, do you? Set a curfew, know who they’re with and what they’re doing and communicate your expectation for an alcohol-free night.” 

Ms. Corbett explained that the campaign represents a partnership among the community’s young people, retailers, parents, community members, prevention specialists and law enforcement officials to curb underage drinking. 

“The goal of this initiative is to educate the community, raise public awareness about underage drinking, and strengthen the deterrent effects of the law against providing alcohol to minors,” Ms. Corbett said. “By participating in this project, participants take a proactive stand against underage drinking and its related problems.” 

Bellport Cold Beer & Soda, Bellport Super Deli, Gaby’s Deli & Grocery and 1721 Grocery Inc. were the businesses that participated in the 2019 Project Sticker Shock campaign.