South Country Central School District Board Notes – June 12, 2019

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There was a change of location to Bellport High School for the school year’s final scheduled board of education meeting. Prior to the meeting, a reception was held in the high school cafeteria to honor 15 retiring faculty and 17 teachers receiving tenure. The reception was catered by the culinary students who served an array of delicious appetizers and desserts thoroughly enjoyed by those in attendance. Music students Jack Armann, Mariah Chavez and Victoria Monte also set the tone with string performances.

During the business meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani and Board of Education President Cheryl A. Felice presented each retiree with a plaque to commemorate their unwavering support and service to the students of South Country. In addition, each of the principals read a biography on the retiree’s stellar career with their respective schools. The district congratulates the following faculty on their retirement: Lorraine Beals, Catherine Mulligan, William Kobel, Jorge Jimenez, Jayne Johnsen-Seeberger, Jean Gray, Susan Smith-Alpert, Eric Roeske, Emanuel Kostakos, Jacqueline Berger, Sheila Smith, Sandra Winslow, Susan Diviney-Giustino, Nancy Nolan and Linda Freiband. 

In addition, the board also said farewell to three trustees, President Cheryl A. Felice, Dr. Anthony Griffin and Carol Malin, who chose not to run for reelection on May 21. In addition to receiving proclamations from Senator Monica Martinez’s office, the three board retirees were honored with words of appreciation from each of their fellow trustees and applause from those in attendance. 

The board of education also unanimously approved an item which granted tenure to the following individuals: Kaitlyn Cutrone, Dusty Deery, Melissa Gascon, Gaetano Greco, Matthew Herrschaft, Victoria Hogan, Amy Karp, Judy Kaiser-Krywolap, Amy Krawczyk, Kimberly Narciso, Jennine O’Shea, Genevieve Piazza, Cristina Piraino, Ashley Sagistano, Stephen Schwicke, Kyle Sherlock and Alyce Smith. 

In other news, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Marlon Small, Director of Humanities Jacyln O’Hagan, Director of Guidance and Counseling Programs Justin Arini, Director of STEM Jack Burke and Bellport High School Principal Timothy Hogan gave a presentation on their recommendations for implementation of the Advanced Placement Capstone Program. A college and career-readiness program, AP Capstone provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in research, analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration, in addition to writing and presentation skills. The first phase of implementation will occur during the 2020-2021 school year with the offering of AP Seminar to students in grades 10-12 and will follow with full implementation of the program and the offering of AP Research in either the 2021-22 or 2022-23 school years. 

The board also changed the date of the annual reorganization meeting from July 10 to July 2 at 7 p.m.

During their closing remarks, President Felice, Dr. Griffin and Ms. Malin thanked the community for the opportunity to serve the South Country community. President Felice noted that during her tenure, the board has participated in healthy dialogue without discord, the way a board should run. She also thanked Dr. Giani for his leadership and for “holding onto the belief that students are first.” Dr. Griffin said he was told prior to serving that being a board trustee is a thankless job. “The thanks are there, and I appreciate all of the thanks I received,” he said.