Bellport High School’s Top Achievers Honored at Senior Awards

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Bellport High School’s top seniors were recognized for their scholarship, community service and enthusiasm for extracurricular activities during the annual senior awards ceremony, held in Ebersole Auditorium on June 3. One hundred seniors sat on the decorated stage as their names were called out to receive one or several of the 104 awards and scholarships presented to deserving recipients.  

In his introductory remarks, Class of 2019 President Kyle Climan said being chosen for an award or scholarship was a sensational feeling. “We are fulfilled in knowing that we have made the school proud,” he said.

Congratulations to the following seniors who received awards and scholarships, and much success in their future endeavors.

U.S. Air National Guard Certificate of Enlistment - Carson Nagle
U.S. Air Force Math/Science Achievement Award - Nicholas Nazzaro and Chiara Scharf
U.S. Army Certificate of Enlistment - Ayden DeGrijze, Brian Kavanagh Jr., Johnathan
 Patterson and Sean Rodriguez
U.S. Army National Guard Certificate of Enlistment - Gabriel Bernal
U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award - Valentina Banellis and Kyle Climan
U.S. Marine Distinguished Athlete Award  - Jamie Trowbridge and Jarell White
U.S. Marine Scholastic Excellence Award - Tyler Brock
U.S. Marine Semper Fidelis Music Award - Andrew Zimlinghaus
U.S. Navy Athletic Achievement Award - Grace Minikel and Andrew Veit
U.S. Navy Certificate of Enlistment - Ivan Lopez
U.S. Navy Inspirational Leadership Award - Jarell White
U.S. Navy Outstanding Scholar Award - Aneeqa Majid
SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD OF SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE/University of Rochester/George Eastman Young Leaders Award - Andrew Zimlinghaus
AAA Northeast - Makayla Carrozza 
Ambulance Company of South Country Award - Erin Bone
American History Award Colonel Josiah Smith Chapter NSDAR Scholarship - Eloise Kocay
Anthony D. Ferrara Scholarship - Tiara Jones
Baha'i Faith Unity in Diversity Award - Sarah Valenzuela
Bassford, Dick Memorial Golf Scholarship - Max Kaczmarek, Theo Loizides, Nicholas Nazzaro and Finn Rauch
Bell Street Artists-The Dr. Erwin Lubit Award for Art - Bryce Reid, Caroline Slovensky
Bellport Chamber of Commerce Business Scholarship - Kyle Climan
Bellport Chamber of Commerce Malcolm Morley Art Scholarship - Caroline Slovensky
Bellport Fire Department Scholarship - Carson Nagle
Bellport Football Sean Nigel Vaz "Rich in Pride, Rich in Heart, Rich in Spirit" - Dwan Trent 
Bellport Garden Club Scholarship - Anna Burkhardt and Chiara Scharpf
Bellport High School (School Store) Award - Kimberly Barbecho, Donald Henderson Jr., 
Chani Jones, Keona Ringgold and Rashona Ringgold
Bellport High School Athlete of the Year - Jaelyn Conquest and Dwan Trent
Bellport High School P.T.S.A. Scholarship - Ivelisse Diaz, Rebekah Ofori and Steven Uhrie
Bellport High School Rick Herrmann Math Scholarship - Megan Berja and Tyler Brock 
Bellport High School Rick Herrmann Memorial Wrestling  - Andrew Porsche
Bellport High School Rick Herrmann Scholarship - Tyler Brock, Erin Grace Kelly and 
Sean O'Hara
Bellport High School Scholar Athlete Award - Tyler Brock and Aneeqa Majid
Bellport High School Significant Progress Award - Tiara Jones and Devin Trent 
Bellport High School Student Council Scholarship Awarded in Memory of 
BHS Student Jennifer Mejia - Kyle Climan and Grace Armann
Bellport High School Theatre Sponsors Award - Rafael Benavides, Savanna Borrero, 
Angelina Caroli, Henry Chillogallo, Alex Erwin, Mia Grossman, Alliandra Khillawan, Erin Kelly, Eloise Kocay, Shaun Laurinaitis, Katelyn Maddalena, Maya McCullough, Grace Rojas, Hannah Tapler, Steven Uhrie and Tyler Zapata
Bellport High School Volleyball Scholarship - Enma Bautista and Jaelyn Conquest
Bellport Middle School Julia Nofi Scholarship Award  - Gabriella Koehler
Bellport Middle School PTA Scholarship - Angelina Caroli, Donald Henderson Jr., Thomas Wilson and Tyler Zapata
Bellport Middle School Student Council Award - Tyler Brock
Bellport Play crafters Theatre Company Desmond W. Burke Scholarship - Alexander Erwin, Shaun Laurinaitis and Tyler Zapata
Bellport Play crafters Theatre Company Margaret W. Smith Scholarship - Mia Grossman and  Erin Kelly
Bellport Retired Educators Association in Memory of: Maureen Asher, Richard Chant, Denis DeSosa, Phyllis Hausner, Kenneth Hughes, William Reynolds, Paul Susskind – Anna  Burkhardt, Samantha Murray and Jamie Trowbridge
Bellport Rotary Scholarship - Max Loeffler, Alyssa Silvestro 
Bellport Soccer Matt Cimino Memorial Scholarship - Jonathan Ulloa Fuentes
Bellport South Country Lions Club Scholarship - Makayla Carrozza and Lauren Moncayo 
Bellport Teachers' Affiliate Association Scholarship - Gabriel Bernal, Kyle Climan, Samuel Perez and Mackenzie Thompson
Bellport Teachers' Association Mary Chavious Scholarship - Grace Rojas
Bellport Teachers' Association Sally Munson Scholarship - Samantha Murray
Bellport Youth Football/John Leone Memorial Scholarship - Shakeese Byrd, Anthony 
Deiters, Gionnah Hicks, Candice Lopez, Myles Wilson and Shawn Wolf
Brookhaven Elementary PTA Scholarship - Chiara Scharpf
Brookhaven Hamlet Foundation (Virginia Brown Scholarship) - Chiara Scharpf and Grace Minikel
Brookhaven Homemakers Beatrice Patrone Memorial Scholarship - Kaitlin Henderson
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Med & Dental Staff Scholarship - Grace Minikel
Caithness Long Island Energy Center Scholarship - Marvina Baslious, Henry Chillogallo, Ivelisse Diaz, Michael Foley, Aneeqa Majid, Finn Rauch, Daniel Roach and Gabrielle Tims
Capital One Bank Scholarship - Judelka Molina
Captain P.J. Roberge Memorial Scholarship  - Aneeqa Majid
David Kinard Memorial Scholarship - Jarell White
Donna Warshaw Memorial Scholarship - Victor Gonzalez
Dorothy Roberge Memorial Scholarship - Ahmed Rehman
Elaine Messina Memorial Scholarship - Nolan Lyons and Chiara Scharpf
Frank P. Long P.T.A. Scholarship - Thomas Wilson IV
Gershow Recycling Environmental Conservation Scholarship - Chiara Scharpf
Great South Bay Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8300 Scholarship - Justin Maler and 
Thomas Wilson IV
Green Community Builder Scholarship - Eloise Kocay 
Harbor Crab Fishing Tournament Scholarship in honor of Paul "Skippy" Ambrose and Jason Nichols  - Theodore Loizides
James Felix Grucci Memorial Fund - Erin Bone and Ahmed Rehman  
James L. Vaughan Memorial Citizenship Scholarship - Tyler Zapata
Jeffrey George & Darren Yancey Memorial Scholarship - Devon Balfour
Jennifer Hromada Memorial / Spirit Scholarships - Tyler Brock and Jamie Trowbridge
Jostens Leadership Award - Kristine Brittelli and Genesis Martinez
Karin J. Briggs Memorial Scholarship - Juliana Polonski
Katelyn Kokis Women's Soccer Scholarship - Valentina Banellis
Katie Kokis Memorial Scholarship - Mia Grossman 
Kiwanis Club of Patchogue Scholarship in Memory of Edmund Tuton and J.P. 
Brown–Natalie Arriaza, Trinity Behlen and Carlos Paxtian
Kreamer Street School PTA Scholarship - Grace Armann and Melannie Molina 
Kristin Rohde Theatre Memorial Scholarship - Grace Rojas
Lifetouch School Portrait Scholarship - Mia Grossman and Genesis Martinez
Long Island Teachers Benevolent Fund Scholarship - Grace Armann, Tyler Brock, Nolan Lyons And Alyssa Mantione 
Long Island/New York Blood Services Scholarship - Emily Dupointe and Nicholas Nazzaro
Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship - Rafael Benavides, Makayla Carrozza, Emily Dupointe, Gionnah Hicks, Jasmine La Gala, Candice Lopez, Genesis Martinez, Judelka Molina, Melannie Molina and Tyler Zapata
Maryrose Bono Memorial Scholarship - Alliandra Khillawan
Munistat Services, Inc. Scholarship - Kyle Climan
Murray L. Fink Memorial Fund  - Jamie Trowbridge
NYS Council of Administrators of Music Education/Suffolk Award - Andrew Zimlinghaus
NYSASBO Scholarship - Melannie Molina
Office of the State Comptroller Student Achievement Award - Kyle Climan, Samuel 
Hampson, Eloise Kocay and Chiara Scharpf
Patchogue Lioness Lions Club - Tiara Jones
Paul Susskind Memorial Scholarship - Samuel Hampson
Peter S. Celentano Memorial Scholarship - Tyler Zapata
Principal's Leadership Award - Chiara Scharpf
Principal's Recognition Award - Katerin Fuentes Velasco, Janiah Jones and Shealyn Rice
Ray A. Kroc Youth Achievement Award  - Tiara Jones
RJ Buada Memorial Scholarship - Savanna Borrero, Morgan Monte and Sarah Valenzuela 
Robert J. & Muriel Kossoy Memorial Scholarship - Tyler Brock
SCOPE - Christopher Tucker
South Country Administrators Association Award - Jarell White
South Country P.T.A. Council Academic Scholarship - Justin Maler and Mitchell Maresco
South Country Women’s Kickball League - Trinity Behlen and Jamie Trowbridge
South Country Youth Soccer League Rose Ventiere Memorial Scholarship - Branden Rasmussen
Suffolk County Music Educators Association Award - Andrew Zimlinghaus
Suffolk County Public Executive Service Award - Grace Armann
Susan Digilio and Fred Corso Spirit & Humanity Award - Emily Dupointe
Triple "C" Award - Grace Armann, Emily Dupointe, Aneeqa Majid, Christina Nunez and Gabrielle Tims
U.S. Congress Congressional Merit Award - Tyler Brock, Aneeqa Majid and Grace Armann
Verne W. Critz PTA Scholarship Award - Henry Chillogallo and Mia Grossman
Women's Club of Patchogue Scholarship - Anna Burkhardt