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The Frank P. Long Intermediate School fifth-grade Journal Squad, under the direction of teacher Mary Pettit, touted the merits of journaling about the books they are reading during a visit to William Pettit’s third-grade class at Verne W. Critz Elementary School. 

Ms. Pettit said that she modeled her passion about journaling to her students earlier in the year and the idea was enthusiastically adopted. “I have seen major benefits in my classroom across all subject areas,” Ms. Pettit said. “The students are passionate about the journaling process, so we decided to go on tour and teach others.”

Fifth-graders Tess Adepoju, Makai Alu, Garren Hernandez, Malaya Robinson and Leah Velazquez explained that journaling can be accomplished through sketching, writing or recording ideas about characters, themes and reactions. They also explained that journaling helps to better understand a book, keeps thoughts and information about the book clearly organized and assists in grasping the main ideas. 

The fifth-graders also gave each of the third-graders a gift of their own journal. Teacher William Pettit said he is excited that the students have their new journals and that they will begin to record their ideas about the books they read.