Center of Excellence Hosts Children’s Author

Center of Excellence Hosts Children’s Author photo thumbnail105817
Members of Bellport High School’s Center of Excellence received a visit on Dec. 14 from children’s author Lysa Mullady.

Mullady shared her 20-year, personal journey of persistence and determination to become a children’s writer and shared the motivation behind writing “Bye, Bye Pesky Fly,” which teaches children about the importance of using positive strategies when dealing with personal frustrations. She also discussed her newest book, “Three Little Birds,” which will be published in February and which teaches the importance of talking out feelings instead of gossiping.

After her presentation, students asked questions about becoming an author and ways to improve their writing.

The Center of Excellence club was reintroduced by Assistant Principal Dan Fauvell. Membership provides participants with an intensive college-awareness focus and emphasizes the building of successful academic behaviors, including calendar planning, prioritization, study habits, obstacle and roadblock coping strategies and smart decision-making. Students are held accountable for their personal goals, while embodying the leadership principles of professionalism, ambition, integrity, resilience and resourcefulness. There is also significant written and oral presentation work, combined with a focus toward college and career-readiness.