Feeling Good, Looking Good, Behaving Well

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Fifth-grade students in David Perkins’ class at Frank P. Long Intermediate School regularly don bow ties and hair ribbons during monthly participation in the class’ Bowtie Tuesday. The activity is an opportunity for students to look and feel good about themselves, while simultaneously practicing the goals of the district’s character education program. 

“By wearing the bow ties and ribbons, the students look good and feel good about themselves,” Mr. Perkins explained. “Bowtie Tuesday also reminds the students about their goals to become more responsible and mature, our theme for the year.” 

On Bowtie Tuesday, the students temporarily put away their own work and listen to the guest speakers who regularly visit the classroom, offering their tips for success. Prior to the holiday break, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Marlon Small made an appearance and discussed what each of their jobs in the district entails. The students also asked questions about whether their jobs are stressful, why they wanted their jobs, whether they liked school as a child and what they like to do after work. 

Dr. Giani and Mr. Small also had words of advice for the students. Mr. Small told the students they should always set goals and work toward them, paying attention to the Golden Rule. Dr. Giani said, “When you have a challenge, make the best decision and stick with it.” He also noted, “Nothing is better than being true to yourself and others.”