Bellport HS Center of Excellence Receives Donation from Brookhaven 7-Eleven

Bellport HS Center of Excellence Receives Donation from Brookhaven 7-Eleven photo thumbnail104583
Bellport High School Center of Excellence club members, administrators and Board of Education trustees attended the Brookhaven 7-Eleven grand opening on Nov. 30, where the club received a $711 check. 

Principal Timothy Hogan thanked 7-Eleven business consultant Kelly Herrman for the money, which will be used for club activities in the coming year. “We appreciate your support of this school club, which was reinstated this school year, and we hope to further our partnership with you in the future.”

The Center of Excellence club was reintroduced by Assistant Principal Dan Fauvell this past fall. Membership provides participants with an intensive college-awareness focus and emphasizes the building of successful academic behaviors, including calendar planning, prioritization, study habits, obstacle and roadblock coping strategies and smart decision-making. Students are held accountable for their personal goals, while embodying the leadership principles of professionalism, ambition, integrity, resilience and resourcefulness. There is also a significant written and oral presentation work, combined with a focus toward college and career-readiness. 
Herrman explained that it is a policy of 7-Eleven to give back to the community upon the opening of a new store. “We were excited to dive in and be a part of the community,” she said. “This is an awesome club. We are happy to be able to provide support and hope to be partners in future endeavors.”