BHS students Inducted into Center of Excellence

BHS students Inducted into Center of Excellence photo thumbnail103688

Under the advisement of Aimee Iuliucci and Nicole Colao, the Bellport High School Center of Excellence welcomed 30 members during an induction ceremony, held on Nov. 8. Attended by district administration and members of the board of education, inductees received a pin symbolizing both their membership and their aspirations to explore college as a realistic, attainable and post-high school option.

Board President Cheryl A. Felice told the students, “I’m asking you to use the programs and support systems available to you today. It’s hard, but always find a way.”   

The Center of Excellence club was reintroduced by Assistant Principal Dan Fauvell. Membership provides participants with an intensive college-awareness focus and emphasizes the building of successful academic behaviors, including calendar planning, prioritization, study habits, obstacle and roadblock coping strategies and smart decision-making. Students are held accountable for their personal goals, while embodying the leadership principles of professionalism, ambition, integrity, resilience and resourcefulness. There is also significant written and oral presentation work, combined with a focus towards college and career-readiness.   

Guest speaker U.S. Congressman Lee Zeldin said he hopes inductees experience their American Dream through acquiring a college degree. “The benefits I experienced in college I would not have otherwise experienced,” he noted. 

The induction ceremony was preceded by a dinner, hosted by the high school culinary students. Music was also provided by the Bellport High School flute choir, under the direction of music chairperson James Uzzi.  

The South Country Central School District congratulates the following inductees: Na’Kayla Austin, Jacquelin Ramos Bonilla, Julieth Stefania Cruz Gonzalez, Billy Lue Franco, Rondell Freeman, Samantha Fuentes, Fredis Antonio Gonzalez, Jack Halpin, Josiah-Truston Igwe, Ashley Milena Jimenez, Carolina Jimenez, Alliandra Khillawan, Floerie Kuffour, Candice Lopez, Emily Hartmann, Jamie Marca, Connor McIntosh, Jason Molina, Tyler Montalvo, Melody Pastor, Zachary Pino, Orlin Reyes, Dawn Slawinski, Kaitlyn Stines, Kaylee Thatcher, Nevaeh Tinsley, Alexis Urbina, Coleen Shaw, Jaylen Trent and Anecya Sutton.