High School students Pledge to Make Healthy Choices

High School students Pledge to Make Healthy Choices photo  thumbnail103149
High school students and faculty demonstrated the importance of a healthy mind and body through participation in the annual Red Ribbon Week campaign held on Oct. 22-Oct. 26. Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest annual drug awareness campaign and one that teaches students how to develop positive, healthy habits early in life. 

In addition to wearing red clothing and bracelets showing support for the program, the week’s activities included Red Watch training for seniors, which teaches the warning signs of alcohol overdose, a presentation by CVS Drugstore on the dangers of drug use and a vaping presentation in health classes. Students also signed Red Ribbon pledges and attended an information fair in the Commons.  
One of the more interactive activities was a safe driving program sponsored by the Brookhaven Department of Highway Traffic Safety. Students drove Go Karts through a maze of cones while both texting and wearing masks designed to mimic driving while intoxicated.