District Students Stroll Down Trick or Treat Street

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The District’s students made their way down Bellport High School’s hallways, dressed in myriad costumes, for the annual Trick or Treat Street held on Oct. 26. The main decision of the evening was to either venture into the haunted and scary hallway or to visit each of the classrooms, which were transformed into individual activity centers and run by the school’s various clubs and organizations.

Face painting, ghost bowling, dancing to iconic Halloween tunes and cookie decorating were only a few of the activities sponsored by the student council for a safe Halloween experience for younger students. Of course, there was also a hall of horrors for those visitors who wanted to spike their adrenaline and feel the ghostly effects of a more haunted Halloween. The favorite activity, however, was reaching into the plentiful containers to grab handfuls of candy as students modeled their costumes for peers.