Spooky Stations Employ STEM Principles

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Instead of settling down to core subject matter during the start of the school day, kindergarten students in Jennifer Drake’s classroom at Brookhaven Elementary School  engage in fun-filled activities that allow for additional exposure to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Called STEM Tubs, the activities employ problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork and provide opportunities for socialization.

“This is the perfect way for me to provide additional science, technology, engineering and math instruction, and the students believe it is playtime,” Ms. Drake said.

The STEM tubs reflect different themes each month, and students are allowed to choose from six activities. October’s STEM tubs reflected a Halloween theme as students made spider webs using rubber bands at the Create a Spider Web station or silly and scary monsters out of playdough at the “Make a Monster” station. The kindergartners also created a skeleton out of a variety of shapes, constructed a pumpkin patch, crafted a spooky house or built a gate for five little pumpkins. In addition to the materials provided in the STEM tubs, Halloween books were placed at each station for creative inspiration.