Bellport football’s homecoming victory

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(By Andres Rivas, The Long Island Advance 10/11/18)

Bellport’s annual homecoming game was celebrated this past Saturday, when they came out on top with a 34-8 victory against Riverhead. 

Ahead of the game’s start, Gregg Giannotti of the WFAN “Boomer and Gio” show did the coin toss. Giannotti is an alumnus of the Bellport football program. Although the visiting team began with the ball, it wasn’t long before the Clippers forced a punt. Then, after seven plays and eight minutes of possession, Ka’Shaun Parrish rushed for 10 yards into the end zone, and went for an extra two as Myles Wilson caught the pass. 

In the second quarter, the Clippers found their rhythm and, after four plays, Parrish rushed for 41 yards as Christian Moreno added the extra point and Bellport led 15-0. The Blue Waves cut it to a one-possession game when Christian Pace threw a 14-yard pass to Anthony Marcello. Isaiah Barbieri added an extra two with a rush. The Clippers didn’t take long to make it a two-score game again, when a punt return to Parrish saw him end up at the opposing 10-yard line. DJ Trent was in charge of adding six more as he rushed into the end zone, with Moreno adding the extra point. 

“We were up two scores, but we humbled ourselves. The game wasn’t over and we needed to put the nail in the coffin,” said Trent. 

Bellport did just that coming out of halftime. A miscommunication in the Riverhead offense and pressure by the Clippers defense resulted in a fumble. Jhamari Bell recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. The Blue Waves had the ball once again as Kyler Pizzo intercepted it and rushed for 21 yards and Moreno added the extra point.

“It was very emotional for me thinking about it, being my last homecoming in Bellport. We needed the win to build a streak,” said Trent. “We [have to] stay focused and locked in and we need to have the same approach for the last three games.” 

More than 1,000 fans were in attendance. “The crowd was ecstatic,” said Wilson. “It was live, and it felt great to have them support us when we got into slumps or when we were scoring TDs. I love this. It was the best crowd I’ve seen in a while.” Bellport (3-2) now faces Half Hollow Hills East (1-4) on Saturday at Hills East at 1:30 p.m. The Thunderbirds allow an average of 38 points at home, while the Clippers average 29 points on the road. 

(Courtesy of The Long Island Advance 10/11/18)