Students Get a Glimpse of the Year Ahead

Students Get a Glimpse of the Year Ahead photo thumbnail98210

The District’s incoming freshmen and sixth-grade students jump-started their high school and middle school careers during Bellport High School’s and Bellport Middle School’s annual freshman and sixth-grade orientations, held on Aug. 21 and Aug. 27, respectively. Faculty were on hand to welcome the new students, encourage them to become involved members of the school community and assure them that their doors are always open.

High school Principal Timothy Hogan reminded the freshmen that they are responsible for their actions and academics moving forward. “You will have a better academic experience when you get involved with all the high school has to offer,” Mr. Hogan said. “Students who do well freshman year are successful throughout high school.”   

In addition to meeting administrators and faculty, the students learned about sports eligibility, guidance goals, and academic and behavioral expectations. At the middle school, seventh-grade student Chris Ford also spoke to the new students about the ways in which he overcame his anxiety with starting middle school by becoming involved.

At each of the orientations, students paired up with student council representatives to take a tour of their respective buildings. Middle school students also had the opportunity to locate and open their lockers. Both the high school’s PTSA and the middle school’s PTA generously donated snacks to celebrate the students’ entrance into their new schools.