Suffolk County French Poetry Contest 2018

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On April 26, 2018, 32 Bellport High School French students participated at the Suffolk County French Poetry Contest held at the Brentwood High School. The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), Suffolk Chapter, organized this Contest.

Students were competing in three different categories: Recitation, Original Poetry and Calligramme (a drawing made using words of the poem instead of lines). Our French students did a fantastic job and won 19 awards, more than any other participating school.

Here are the names of all winners:

In Recitation 
(French Level II):
Eric Ceballos – 1st Place
Mariah Chavez – 2nd Place
Jonel Poueriet – 3rd Place

(French Level III):
David Bellante – 2nd Place
Kevin Lopez – 3rd Place
Blanca Ibarra – Honorable Mention 

(French Level IV):
Chiara Scharpf – 1st Place
Grace Armann – 3rd Place
Tania Ventura – Honorable Mention

In Original Poetry 
(French Level II):
Noah Dedis – 2nd Place

(French Level III):
Veronica Riddick – 2nd Place
Shaliq Cochran – 3rd Place

(French Level IV):
Tyler Brock – Honorable Mention

In Calligramme
(French Level II):
Dream Smith – 1st Place
Vivian Fritz – 2nd Place
Ingrid Revelo – Honorable Mention

(Level French III):
Audrey Barry – 2nd Place 

(Level French IV):
Negan Berja – 1st Place
Eloise Kocay – 2nd Place

Congratulations to all!  What an amazing achievement!