WISE Students Participate in SoMAS Marine Vessel Trip

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Pictured left to right, Chiara Scharpf, Eloise Kocay, Morgan Monte, Rebekah Ofori, Marvina Basilious, Megan Berja
The Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) invited the Bellport High School Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program students to participate in the SoMAS Marine Vessel trip. SoMas is conducting research to understand the way our marine, atmospheric, and terrestrial environments function; as well as the impact of human interactions with these systems.

Meeting at the Marine Science Research Center Building in South Hampton, students boarded the R/V Paumanok in the Shinnecock Bay, where work on projects such as the Shinnecock Bay Restoration is underway. The project uses science, outreach and partnerships to restore water quality and fisheries of the Shinnecock Bay in response to deteriorating environmental conditions. The R/V Paumanok contains several instruments to carry out marine research projects including trawl net, bottom grabs, plankton nets, water sampling bottles, and bottom dredge.

Students practiced using water sampling bottles and bottom grabs instruments, discovering how they're used to maintain the health of the Shinnecock Bay and the impact of various factors on various ecosystems. The students had an opportunity to feel the texture and smell the sulfur of the dredge they pulled up, while also learning about oxygen levels, temperature, and salinity of the various depths of the water and the implications of abnormal data levels.

While on the water, the students also were eager to observe seals and were guided to better understand how to identify true seals. They were excited to learn around shark tagging and the marine organisms they ingest. When the students disembarked the vessel, they discussed food choices they were going to make moving forward. Overall, it was a remarkable and enjoyable experience for all.