Dual Language Enrichment Program Enters Second Year at Brookhaven Elementary School

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After a successful first year, South Country School District is proud to announce the continuation of its Dual Language Enrichment Program at Brookhaven Elementary School. The popular program features an enrichment model of bilingual education that uses two languages for the purpose of instruction. Classes are held at Brookhaven Elementary School and are composed of half native Spanish speakers and half native English speakers, with instruction in both Spanish and English. The program incorporates the required academic standards established by the State of New York and is set to continue throughout the elementary grades.

Assistant Principal, Dr. Rebecca Raymond, explained the goal of the program is to enable students to become bilingual and proficient in both languages and use those tools to make positive contributions to their community. The students develop mutual respect and appreciation for both their own and other languages and cultures, and attain academic achievement at or above grade level in all content areas.

Students are selected by parent commitment and through a lottery. Students who are unable to enroll in the Dual Language Enrichment Program in kindergarten are kept on a wait list and may be able to join the program in first grade if spaces become available. The Dual Language program supports the district's vision to be academically prepared to succeed in college, career, life, and the global economy.

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