Library for Bellport Village Marina Courtesy of HS Student Jared Voegele

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Children visiting the Bellport Village marina will soon be able to leave or take a book at a small library that’s roughly the size of a large birdhouse.

The library was built by Bellport High School Student,  Jared Voegele,   as part of his bid to become an Eagle Scout.

The tiny library’s inventory will be managed by Broohaven Free Library staffers, explained library director Jamie Papandrea, who pitched the proposal with Jared to the Bellport Village Board Monday night.

“Jared is a patron of the Brookhaven Free Library who we’ve known for virtually his whole life,”Papandrea said. “He’s a South Country School District student, so when he embarked on the project that he needed to become an Eagle Scout, we were so fortunate that he thought of this library, and where he could put his good work to use.”

She explained the books do not have to be returned to the structure, noting the Little Free Library is a nationwide effort to encourage literacy — spearheaded by a nonprofit group by that same name.

Jared was treated to a round of applause Monday night, followed by a unanimous vote by the Village Board to allow the library and a bench to be set up at the village marina.

Mayor Ray Fell said the village hopes to find a suitable location near the ferry terminal.

“I think this is something that would benefit all the children that use the park, whether they’re village residents or not village residents,” Fell said.

“I appreciate the Brookhaven Free Library and you, Jared, for thinking of Bellport.”

(Article courtesy of / Michael White)