Critz's New Library Delivery Carts

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Recently our Librarian, Ms. Cullen approached the PTA and requested help in funding mobile carts as a safer alternative to the heavy milk crates that were currently being used by students to deliver books to the library.

Our PTA President, Mr. Maresco along with members of the PTA, brainstormed ideas and suggested a better, more cost effective alternative than store bought carts.  The PTA provided funding for the supplies and going with our school wide train theme, Mr. Maresco volunteered his time to design and hand craft twenty-four trains for our classrooms.
All of the Verne W. Critz staff and students want to express appreciation to Mr. Maresco for all his hard work and commitment to making a difference here at Verne W. Critz Elementary School.  We are all looking forward to seeing the trains safely chugging down the Critz hallways!