Students Help Others While Helping The Environment

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The students in Ms. Leonardi’s class are avid recyclers!  They know the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, and since September, they’ve been discarding their empty water bottles in a recycling box that Ms. Leonardi created.    They are also demonstrating the character trait “citizenship” by helping others in the community.  Every two weeks, Ms.Leonardi empties the box and gives the water bottles to needy people in the community so they can cash them in for money.  

Ms. Leonardi says, “Every Wednesday morning, as I drive to work, I see certain individuals rummaging through other people’s recycle bins in front of their homes.  Many of these people have fallen on hard times and really need the cash refunds from the bottle deposits.  Although they only get five cents for each bottle, it can add up, and many of them have told me that every little bit helps.”  

Ms. Leonardi wanted to teach her students about recycling, but she also wanted to teach the students about helping others in need.  Her students have learned that they can be good citizens by helping others in their community.  Even the smallest actions can have a positive impact on someone’s life.  

“I always make sure the recipients know that the bottles came from the students of Kreamer Street Elementary.  They are always so grateful.” said Ms. Leonardi.