Vanderbilt Planetarium's Traveling Classroom, "Discover the Universe" Visits Kreamer Street

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Thanks to funding provided by the South Country Education Foundation, the third grade teachers and students at Kreamer Street Elementary School had the amazing opportunity to view Vanderbilt Planetarium's Traveling Classroom exhibit, "Discover the Universe". The exhibit offers an innovative learning experience to help elicit excitement in learning and to enhance the classroom instruction. Provided by the Vanderbilt Planetarium, "Discover the Universe" is a traveling outreach program, designed to bring unique educational experiences consisting of hands-on interactive activities to students as they focus on how astronomers acquire knowledge about the Universe. It consists of various modules that present a different part of how astronomers acquire knowledge of the Universe. The modules include Light, Telescopes, Digital Imaging, the 3-D Universe and Gravity. "The exhibit provided curriculum that enhances the district's continual focus on the Common Core Standards.