Bellport High School Students Exhibit Work at the Parrish Art Museum

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Art students from Bellport High School had the opportunity to exhibit work at the Parrish Art Museums Annual High School Show February 1-st - March 15th. Fifteen students from Bellport High School exhibited work along with students from other East End Townships in various mediums including computer graphics, photography, sculpture, drawing and painting. The awards ceremony was held on Saturday March 7th. The Art Department is pleased to announce that Maureen McSherry has won a senior award for excellence in Illustration for her computer graphic "Sinatra" and Dakota Haraden won a Senior Award in Painting for his painting "Decaying Beauty".

B.H.S. artists pictured are Steven Molina Contreres, Samantha Izzo and Renzo Abaldanado.

Not pictured are Jamie Clifton, Jovanna Briscoe, Lindsey Smith, Ryan Murphy, Amanda Cioffi, Rachel Scalice, Cassandra O'Connor, Li Guo and Erin Berja.