Bellport High School-African American History Month Panel Discussion

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The Social Studies Department of Bellport High School recently held its annual African American History Month panel discussion, which focused on the successes and challenges of the African American community.  About 100 students attended the after school event in the Bellport High School Library.  The panel included Mr. DuWayne Gregory, the Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature, Ms. Leah Jefferson of the Brookhaven Town Department of Housing and Human Services, Mr. Robert Powell, a South Country School Board of Education Trustee and Mr. Wayne White, a Social Studies teacher at Bellport High School and the President of the Bellport Teachers Association.  The discussion focused on issues relating to the panelists’ personal and professional experience as African Americans.  All who attended agreed that the event was a valuable opportunity to reflect on a timely and relevant topic to the South Country community.  “Events such as these give all our students the chance to reflect on the hard-fought gains of those who faced adversity in the past.  The discussion also allows students from any background to learn the lessons they need as they chart their own path in life,” said panelist Wayne White.