Police officer, Nancy Ward, visited students at Verne W. Critz Elementary School to present the PoliceSmart Program. Officer Ward is 1 of 10 Suffolk County Police Officers who currently teach this program throughout many school districts in Suffolk County. She visited with students for a 30-minute period to discuss age appropriate topics. The following topics were addressed during the presentations for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Classes:

• What do police officers do? (Keep people safe and make sure that people follow the rules).
• Calling 911, understanding what an emergency is and how police can help you.
• What is a stranger? Who do you go to if you are lost? How to stay safe if you get lost.
• Staying safe in public places.

The presentation for third grade focused on the topic of bullying. Officer Ward shared that there are three types of bullying. Verbal bullying is when someone is being mean or cruel to others. Cyber-bullying uses words and technology to be mean and cruel to others. Physical bullying is when someone who is using his/her hands to hurt others. This also includes exclusion or excluding others from joining the group on purpose. Non-verbal bullying is when someone uses their body to convey hurtful messages. Officer Nancy’s message was that no one likes a bully. We need to be kind to others and treat others the way we would like to be treated. Being a good citizen, taking responsibility for our actions and apologizing are appropriate ways to behave.

Here is a website to help you guide your children in safe ways to use technology - www.connectsafely.org.