Faculty Parades Through Kreamer Street community

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Stormy skies on April 30 cooperated during the afternoon for Kreamer Street Elementary School faculty as they drove through the school community’s neighborhood streets, accompanied by South Country Ambulance, to demonstrate unity and support for students.

During the parade, residents were encouraged to wear their Kreamer Kingdom gear, make a celebratory sign, wave and make noise as drivers passed by students’ homes. Even residents who do not live on the parade route parked their cars on neighboring streets to join in the festivities. The parade brought about a sense of togetherness for all who attended.

Principal Sean Clark said the parade’s goal was to raise student spirits and to instill a sense of unity during a time when social distancing is in place and students are learning virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Kreamer Kingdom is known for its sense of community spirit, and this parade is an example of how our faculty instills a sense of pride and togetherness, even in a time of social distancing and school closures,” Mr. Clark said.