Bellport HS Advances Production of Face Shields with 3D Printers

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All hands on deck have been necessary in fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and Bellport High School has joined the battle with the contribution of 3D printers to the Suffolk Cooperative Library System 3D Printer Farm, located at its headquarters in Bellport.

The 3D Printer Farm started producing face shields for medical professionals at Stony Brook University Hospital, using 3D printers loaned from public and school libraries throughout Suffolk County. The high school library and art department collectively loaned three 3D printers at the end of March.

Since March, the Suffolk Cooperative Library System has pulled together more than 70 3D printers into one location, called the 3D Printer Farm, and is churning out plastic parts for needed face shields. The protective gear is then finished by Stony Brook’s iCreate program, under the direction of iCreate Director and informational technology professional David Ecker. The goal is to produce the parts to 200 face shields daily, and supplies to make the shields include elastic, foam, weather sealing and report covers. The report covers made out of clear plastic are replaceable.

During the April 1 meeting of the Board of Education, the trustees and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani noted that they are pleased to be able to contribute to the growing need for supplies during this medical crisis.