100 days smarter

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South Country Central School District students celebrated the first 100 days of school on Feb. 26 with special and engaging hands-on English language arts, mathematics and art activities to mark this momentous occasion for the district’s elementary-level students.
Many of the students arrived at their school entrances dressed as 100-year-olds or wearing T-shirts decorated with an array of 100 items. Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics stations allowed students to build structures with Legos, Unifix cubes and plastic cups. Students honed reading skills while hunting for 100 site words posted in their classrooms and by listening to stories about the first 100 days of school. Many of the students made hats for the occasion that said “I am 100 days brighter” or “I am 100 days smarter.” 
Kreamer Street Elementary School Principal Sean Clarke said it was a very special day for the students. “Through hard work, the students have met the academic challenges of the first 100 days of school.”