Turning Trash into Treasure

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Brookhaven students are conscious of the importance of recycling and are now using paper recyclables like magazines and cardboard to create expressive collages. In fact, the students recently met with Huntington artist Nicole Franz about her collage art methods. 
Ms. Franz explained that collage art is a great way to turn trash into treasure and that anyone can create imaginative and expressive art through the method of collage. She shared a number of art pieces of a skier, butterfly, llama and heart and explained how she includes hidden and positive messages in her artwork. 
“Anyone can do what I do and from what they have in the house,” Ms. Franz said. “Sometimes you start off and it doesn’t turn out the way you intended.”
Brookhaven student-artists, under the direction of teacher Michelle Procida, have been studying collage and collaborated to create a series of monsters, which will be hung in the hallway.