Celebrating Chinese New Year Traditions and Legends

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Frank P. Long fourth graders are more versed on Chinese New Year traditions and legends after a visit from parent Danielle Yuen. Ms. Yuen’s daughter, Cassie Kelly, is a student in Jennifer McNaughton's and Kelly Salmon's class and assisted her mother in sharing their Chinese culture and information about the Chinese New Year. 

The students learned why Chinese New Year is celebrated and the legend of how a monster named Nian showed up after it had been dwelling in the sea all year long. According to Chinese custom, a person must wear red clothing, hang red on the door and make loud noises (firecrackers) to scare off Nian. Traditions such as cleaning your home and eating a big meal on Chinese New Year were also told to the class.

Students then created their own dragon masks and were encouraged to share the Chinese legend of Nian with their families. Red envelopes were gifted to each student to keep them safe and bring good luck through the year.