Fourth Grade Students Think Before They Share

Fourth Grade Students Think Before They Share photo thumbnail161654
Frank P. Long fourth grade students attended an assembly with New York State Division of Justice investigative specialist Alexa Benincasa, who spoke about the fundamentals of online safety, as prepared by the New York State Missing Persons Clearinghouse. The presentation taught safe and responsible online and cellphone practices and encouraged students to keep parents and teachers informed about their online activities.  

Principal Stefanie Rucinski explained that the internet and cellphone use of young students has provided countless academic opportunities, but that children need reminding about rules that keep them safe when using technological devices. “Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate material, cyberbullying or enticement can happen to any child at any time and could have devastating effects,” Ms. Rucinski said.

The presentation focused on how to be internet safety smart, to avoid risky behaviors online and protect personal information and their privacy. Cyberbullying was also discussed, as well as how to block a bully.