A Lesson on Aeroponic Technology

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Verne W. Critz second grade students in Jill DeRosa’s class are growing a garden in their classroom using vertical aeroponic technology, growing plants without soil or sunlight.

Through a South Country Education Foundation grant, the students received an aeroponic plant tower, seeds and a lesson on planting with School Seeds Health and Wellness Educator Lety Algeri. Ms. Algeri discussed how plants grow traditionally in a horizontal form but that with the aeroponic tower, the students can grow vegetables and herbs in their classroom with minimal space and with water and nutrients.

The students were divided into groups and given the task of working together to build the base, tower and lights to create a vertical tower. Each student received rock wool, where they planted seeds for 28 plants including kale, basil, arugula, bib lettuce, gourmet lettuce and rainbow chard. The plants were placed on the tower, which will be located in the corner of the classroom where students can observe their growth and study their progress throughout the year.