Good Touch, Bad Touch

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Safety of students on and off campus is a high priority for the District, where students learn about staying clear of strangers, exiting a building on fire and remaining secure during a bus ride to and from school. In addition to these tools, Kreamer Street students attended a program with Parents for Megan’s Law Crime Victims Center sex offense prevention educator Jennifer Waters called It’s Your Body – You’re in Charge.

During the program, the students discussed the definition of a stranger and talked about scenarios in which they could need assistance from someone they have never met. They also discussed how each person is in charge of their own body and to rely on their instincts about whether another person’s touch makes them feel good or bad. A “touch” can refer to a sisterly hug, a tug of a ponytail or a high-five between friends.

They also discussed when touching can make them feel bad and who to speak to if this were to happen. “Good touches make you feel safe and comfortable,” Ms. Waters said. “You are in charge of your own body, and you decide if a touch is good or bad.”